Camo Trout Big Dog Bandana


Does this camo style trout design get you nibbling at the line?

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Is your big dog a little more naturally inclined?

Refreshingly wild camo trout bandana to get you back to nature

Is subtlety a little more your style? Feeling the pull of a little more unspoiled territory? This triangle bandana might be a little more genuine to your soul. 

Rich brown background, and hunter green and tan camouflage make this design is an unpretentious offering for your down to earth dog. 

This tie on bandana is ideal for giant breeds. It measures 27” x 14”. The sizing fluctuates a little with fabric stretch

Snap or tie it around their neck. 

You can practically hear the stream flow by, get yours before they all drift away…

Additional information

Weight 16 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × .25 in