Feed Me Bacon Bandana


Who can argue K9 logic? Don’t go bacon his heart

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Everything in life can be improved by adding bacon!

Bandana's included

Does your good boy have food on the mind? If so this funny bandana might just help lighten the mood as he rests his head on the table asking for seconds of breakfast.

We know your big dogs have a BIG personality to match. Why not have a scarf to show off their fun loving side, and perhaps a drool catcher on hand. Yeah that probably wouldn’t be amiss either. 

Every bite you take, every snack you make, he’ll be watching you…at least enjoy this humorous saying while you share your meal.

The scarf is 27” x 14”, sizing does fluctuates a little with fabric stretch. Making it a good size for larger dogs.

(And Doggo’s if your human needs the odd reminder of what your favourite food is please insist that they get you this bandana so you can properly remind everyone in the house.)

I’ll just leave you with this one thought…

Bacon is life

It’s a proven fact that all plans involving bacon have a 90 percent better chance of working out.
Jeff Gunhus

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