Military Men Large Dog Collars


Extra-large wide dog collar for your rough and tumble boy – pew pew



Is your big man more the strong and silent type?

This rugged collar might be more his weapon of choice

If your big guy’s ideal evening is a night with the boys watching action movies, he’ll try to play it cool when you show him his new toy soldier collar.

This playful military design was chosen with a bit more of a male dog bent, we wanted to be sure we had something to offer your handsome protector for his nightly patrol around around the neighbourhood. 

A dark grey background and throwback green toy soldier design was too unique for us to pass up. 

As this collar makes up our Big Dog Signature Collection it of course comes in extra large and wide sizes. So it’ll be the perfect fit.

Everyone knows the girls go crazy for a guy in uniform so help your man out and get him this unique collar. He’ll feel bulletproof strutting around in this cool design.

This collar blows away the competition; so gather the troops and get your requisition slip ready!

This tough collar comes in three sizes:

Large: 16”-22” in diameter, 1” wide
Extra Large: 18”-26” in diameter, 1.5” wide
Extra Large: 18”-26” in diameter, 2” wide

*as items are handmade, all sizing is approximate

Additional information

Weight 123 g
Dimensions 11 × 2.5 × 1 in

Medium, Large, X-Large

Webbing Size

1", 1.5", 2"