Purple Agility Collar


Fancy purple agility collar custom made – just for our squad!



Dig into this glamorous purple agility collar

Cute sport dog collar just for your elite superstar

You may have an agility collar for trialing, but do you have a unique everyday collar to show off your passion and your dog’s unsurpassed skills?

A Mod Dog custom creation – just for our squad – cause we love you so much! And we know how much dedication and passion you have for the sport.

So have a look at this subtle pastel purple collar, and classic text design. Agility made elegant! 

Both small and large sizes use 1″ webbing, so this collar has some substance to it. Flat buckle and fully adjustable for the safety of your athlete. 

This exclusive design is an emblem of you passion for dog sports! Isn’t it time you treated yourself?

This cute collar is available in two sizes:

Small: 11”-13” in diameter, 1” wide
Large: 16”-22” in diameter, 1” wide

*as items are handmade, all sizing is approximate

Additional information

Weight 123 g
Dimensions 11 × 1.5 × 1 in

Small, Large