Sledding Semi Slip Collar


Want the best collar for a malamute or husky? Check out our sledding collars – custom-designed for sporting dogs and everyday wear alike.



The absolute best collar for fluffy huskies and malamutes!

...and all non-conventional sled dogs too!

Mod Dog is pleased to bring you this custom designed semi slip sled dog collar.

This cute design has working malamutes pulling a sled and sledding text- so no one will be confused by what you are sport you’re an enthusiast of!

We are currently offering this design in two colours: trendy gold and a light sky blue. 

This semi-slip style collar is one of the best types for dogs with a lot of fur like huskies. It’s easy to slip on, and loose when not under pressure. But when under pressure while on leash or hooked up to a neckline, it does tighten enough not to slip off…or at least not easily. 

Because it has a modified choke function we do not recommend it for everyday wear around the house when not supervised. 

Another Mod Dog exclusive we couldn’t be happier to bring to you.

A musher’s dream!

Semi Slip Sled Dog Sizing:

X-Small: 10”-11.5”
Small: 11”-13”
Medium: 13”-15”
Large: 14.5”-16.5”
X-Large: 17”-19”

The lower number is the smallest the collar gets, and the higher number is the widest the collar gets.

But please note as items are handmade, all sizing varies slightly item to item

For best fit measure your dog both at the narrowest point of their neck, and wherever you would like it to normally rest. When resting, it should be loose and allow a few fingers to comfortably fit through. 

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 11 × 1.5 × 1 in

Mini, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


Gold, Sky Blue